It is expected that you fulfill your duties as a team member in the role you have agreed to and in any supporting role you can to assist the current needs of the team. Attending competition is a privilege, not a right. Since these events cause students to miss class time, students are expected to remain involved at competition in team related activities (competition, video, photography, pits, scouting, cheering, presentations, etc.). The use of tech devices will be monitored and taken away if the student is not paying attention while the team is playing. Students not involved in the pits, field activities, or presentations should remain in the stands with the team.


True cheering is enjoying the event and celebrating the excitement of the moment. Organization is the key to this being a powerful tool. Your spirit team leaders will give you direction and guidance for this activity. You are not expected to be cheering 100% of the time, however, when we are cheering all team members are expected to stand and cheer to the best of their ability. Remember to respect the people sitting behind you and remain sitting at other times so that they can see the match.

Award Ceremony

We will stay until the end of the awards ceremonies at every competition. During the ceremony we will applaud the teams that are winning awards. When we applaud we will stand to show our respect for what they have accomplished.


There are certain people in the FIRST® organization that we make an effort to greet on a personal level. If you see judges or other team members enter our pit area please say hello. Make an effort to greet them and thank them. If they are engaged in a conversation with another person, please be respectful.


If you see paper or trash where it shouldn’t be, you should make an effort to pick it up. That goes for the area you are sitting in as well as any other location in the arena.


Safety should be practiced at all times. Safety glasses must be worn in the pit by all members – students and adults.

Other Competitions

Our team is often invited to pre and post season competitions. Our involvement in these activities will depend upon timing, cost and the availability of our team. Most of these competitions are local and are usually one-day events. This is the opportunity for our “Rookies” to get the feel of real competition before the season starts. Often this is also the opportunity for our drive team to get practice and rookie members to see what it is all about.

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