TORC Varsity Letter Requirements for FIRST® Team 2137, TORC Robotics

TORC team members have the honor of earning a Varsity Letter through a combination of team participation, attendance during robot build season, fundraising, participating at community events, maintaining academic standards, and following all student code of conduct rules.

An Oxford High School Competitive Activities Varsity Letter can be earned in Robotics. The letter recognizes the student for their Teamwork, Excellence, Achievement, Commitment and Honor (TEACH). Varsity letter students work together to excel, achieve goals through commitment and represent their organization honorably. As a Varsity Letter robotics student, teamwork is crucial to achieving team goals and the time commitment required is large. The student is expected to represent TORC and Oxford High School honorably at all team functions.

Students who meet the following requirements will be awarded the Varsity Letter.

Time on Team: Two “complete years” of “active participation” on Team 2137, T.O.R.C.. A “complete year” is defined as the time frame from September to the beginning of May. “Active Participation” includes productive contribution at meetings, participating in Team 2137 FIRST® support activities, attending community service events and assisting in fundraising.

A first year team member who is a senior is eligible for the Varsity letter if they meet all the requirements, other than two complete years. (This means that they must join the team in September and they must fulfill all the required participation activities noted hereafter.)

GPA: minimum of 2.0. Participation in Oxford High School’s competitive teams requires the student to maintain a minimum GPA, the requirement extends to the Varsity letter. Students are encouraged to seek help from fellow team members and mentors if you are struggling with a course. Team meetings are a good time to receive this assistance. The teacher mentor will be in charge of keeping abreast of student GPA. If the student has an IEP which accommodates the GPA, the Teacher Sponsor will address it.)

Conduct: Adherence to the Oxford School District Code of Conduct, FIRST® Guidelines, and Team 2137 TORC Student Handbook.

Attendance: Students must attend 65% of the total team meetings from September – May (“complete year”). Dual activity students are students who participate in two school activities during same time frame (ie. sports, band, choir, etc.). These students are required to inform the Team Coordinator that they are a dual activity student. The student must email or submit to the Team Coordinator a copy of their practice/game or performance schedule prior to missing any TORC meetings. We will accommodate absences due to a game or performance. The student will need to balance absences due to practices/meetings between the two activities. Since most activities hold practice/meetings immediately after school and TORC meetings do not begin until 6:30pm, it is suggested that you make every effort to attend the portion of the TORC meeting that remains after your second activity practice has ended.

FIRST® Support Activities: Students must participate in 25% of team activities that support FIRST and our efforts to spread the message of FIRST. These often occur outside the Sept.-May time frame because build season is focused on building the robot. Examples of activities that fall into this category: Volunteering time with our elementary Lego League teams and/or our middle school FTC teams; Volunteering at FLL competitions or FRC competitions; Presenting FIRST and T.O.R.C. to elementary/middle schools and to current/potential sponsors; representing the team at freshmen orientation and middle school recruitment

Community Outreach: Students must participate in 25% of the team community outreach opportunities. These often occur outside the Sept.-May time frame because build season is focused on building the robot. This can include an activity that two or more Team 2137 members attend wearing the team t-shirt and speaking to others about Team 2137 and FIRST®. Examples of activities that fall into this category: Girlfriends Walk, team displays at community events like Backyards & Burgers or Celebrate Oxford, marathons, etc. Students are encouraged to research and present the team with opportunities to support/serve others.

Fundraising: Students must participate in 25% of the team fundraising opportunities. These often occur outside the Sept.-May time frame because build season is focused on building the robot. Fundraising is extremely important because robotics requires approximately $50,000/yr to fully fund team activities, competition fees, travel expenses, robot parts and tools/equipment. Although we have sponsors who donate funds, they expect us to also make efforts to raise funds. For events that require a volunteer to be 21, credit will be awarded for the student when an adult works on their behalf.


It will be the student’s responsibility to record their attendance at team meetings and have that verified by a mentor. Failure to do so will result in an absence. Students will not be allowed to have a mentor sign off on attendance the day following a meeting. The goal is to develop responsibility in the student and to keep meetings focused on activities for that day.

It will be the student’s responsibility to ensure that the mentor supervising a fundraising, community outreach or FIRST® support event verify their participation. Because the student record will not travel to events, the student will need to record the event in their record and have one of the supervising mentors for that event, validate the student’s participation by signing/initialing the record. This will need to be done at a team meeting and within one week of the event.

Students may not record and/or receive signatures/initials for another student. Again, the goal is to develop responsibility in each student. Activities completed by the student in May-August will count toward the following season’s requirements. Varsity letters will be awarded in early June, therefore, the requirements must be met by the end of April for that season in order to allow time for tabulation.

If a first year student shows exemplary attendance at the four categories listed above and makes outstanding contributions to the team and displays strong leadership among their peers, they may be eligible for recommendation to the building principal for the Varsity Letter.

Order of pins/letters earned:

- Each year before the student earns the Varsity Letter, they will receive the pin for that season’s game.

- Once a minimum of two complete years have passed, the student will be awarded the Varsity Letter, if the requirements have been met.

- The 1st year after earning the Varsity Letter, the student will receive the TORC pin.

- The 2nd year after earning the varsity letter, the student will receive a chevron.

Revision Approved by Principal Todd Dunckley (w/Central Office support) 2012

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