Expectations of a team member are important to ensure that the goals and objectives of the team are accomplished with quality and efficiency.

- Members must maintain academic eligibility as per school policy. Members will remember that academics come first. If you need assistance with assignments please let Mr. Kimmel know.

- Members must wear their TORC T-Shirts identifying the sponsors to all events. Each student will be provided two team competition shirts. Any additional shirts, team spirit wear, or family orders will be the student’s responsibility and must be prepaid.

- When the team participates in community service events, members are expected to contribute their time.

- Members must participate in (not just attend) 65% of the total available participation opportunities throughout the year, including, but not limited to: building, off-season events, fundraising, competitions, community promotion, sponsor events.

- Members must maintain and monitor an active student AND parent/guardian email account. Please provide your email address to the team coordinator for the database records. Students are expected to check email regularly and respond (when called for) in a timely manner.

- Members must sign up for the team’s texting service, Remind 101. This is how we communicate short notice changes and send important reminders.

- Members will abide by the Oxford Community Schools Student Code of Conduct and Extra-curricular Activities Code of Conduct at all times. Please make yourself familiar with this document located at www.oxfordschools.org District/About our District/publications. Please be aware that this expectation will be enforced in the school building and while representing the team and school at competitions and other events outside the school.


Typically, transportation is provided by mentors and parents as a carpool. It is very important that students communicate early their need for a ride. Students that do not respond, in a timely manner, stating they need a ride to activities must make their own arrangements. The week of the event is not timely.


Members will demonstrate appropriate behavior at all times in school and at FIRST® events, including but not limited to:

- Consistent demonstration of good judgment

- Respectful behavior to colleagues in TORC, other teams and officials, using positive behavior and language

- Ability to commit to and follow through on a project

- Ability to work both independently and as a team member

- Honesty and integrity

- No public displays of affection

- Teamwork, cooperation and mutual respect will take priority during meetings and competition. Personal relationships should not impact the success of our team.

- Theft from teammates, mentors, or other FIRST® teams and their members is not tolerated and will be dealt with according to local laws and school code.

- Use of alcohol, tobacco products, or any illegal drug is prohibited while on OHS property, while traveling with TORC in vehicles, at hotels, or at competitions

- Profanity is prohibited

The mentors reserve the right to discipline a team member as necessary for the safety of the student and the overall good of the team. Any infractions that are considered serious (safety, drug/alcohol, physical altercation, theft, sexual misconduct, or repeated disrespect of authority, etc.) will be forwarded to the teacher sponsor and high school administration for discipline and the Extra-curricular Activities Code of Conduct will be utilized for discipline as it relates to TORC. The student’s parents will be informed if this occurs.


In order to run any successful business or team, a high level of safety must be observed, practiced, and maintained. The following rules are designed to ensure the safety of students, mentors, and any visitors to the Engineering Wing where TORC is based.

- Safety glasses must be worn at all times in the machine shop of the Engineering Wing and while working on the robot and its components, and in the pits at competition.

- Horseplay will not be allowed at anytime.

- Members will be trained and certified by a mentor before using machinery independently. Student visitors may not use machinery.

- All equipment will be handled with extreme care and caution

- Work areas will be kept neat and orderly.

- Appropriate footwear with fully enclosed shoes (no sandals or flip flops) must be worn in the Engineering Wing and at competition.

- Hair will be tied back while operating any equipment or standing near equipment that is in operation.

- No loose clothing is to be worn while operating equipment or standing near equipment that is in operation – including strings on hooded sweatshirts.

- No food or drink in the machine shop area of the Engineering Wing or near any computers.

- Because we work in a classroom, equipment, tools and supplies must be put away every night and work areas must be left clean.

Emergency Contact Information

Students must have a current and complete emergency contact form on file with the team (filled out and submitted through the team website). This form must contain accurate information and be updated as the need arises. This information will be taken with the team to all events so that parents can be contacted in an emergency involving their child.

Students taking any medication while we are traveling need to make arrangements with a mentor as per school policy. Please inform mentors if you take any medication while you are at a team meeting, function or event.

In the event you become ill while at an event, transportation will be at the parents/guardians’ expense using the first available transportation. It is important that you do not travel with the team if you are already ill prior to departure.

Policy on Injury

Although we make every effort to provide the safest environment for the member, the potential risk for injury is always there.

When an injury occurs that requires medical assistance, the mentor or designated adult is to accompany the team member to the physician’s office or hospital. Mentors are to notify the parent/guardian as soon as possible of a suspected injury and then notify school administration.

The Oxford Area Community Schools will not assume responsibility or liability relative to doctor or hospital expenses. Robotics is a voluntary program in which the students may participate if they desire, but they do so at their own risk of injury. Neither mentors nor Oxford Community Schools can be named on any medical forms where medical expenses are involved.

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