The Team Calendar is from September 1-August 31. Members are expected to take part in a variety of events throughout the year.

Starting in September, students and mentors meet from 6:30pm – 9:00pm one day a week in the Engineering Lab at the Oxford High School. These meetings help instruct, prepare, and organize the upcoming build and competition season.

FRC Season Kickoff is the first Saturday in January each year. Students and mentors arrive around 9/10 am in the lab and watch in anticipation as the current tear’s game is released worldwide. A small group of mentors and students travel to Kettering University in Flint, MI to retrieve the “Kit of Parts” and secure supplies to begin building field elements for the game.

Robot Build season is six weeks long, beginning with the FRC Kickoff. This is the time frame that FIRST® allows for teams to design and build their robot. It is then placed in a sealed bag, only to be removed for a very limited time between then and the FIRST® competition

After kickoff, the team meets as follows: (subject to change, depending on the year and mentor availability. Register for the provided forms of communication to be most up to date.)

  • Monday: Team captains meet and discuss week overview and goals
  • Tuesday – Thursday: 6:30pm – 9pm ALL TEAM MEETINGS
  • Friday: Meetings at the discretion of mentors and team captains
  • Saturday: Usually 9:00am – 5:00pm (hours may vary based on progress) *Lunch may be provided

T.O.R.C. will participate in a minimum of two Michigan District competitions held from Thursday evening through Saturday evening, typically in March. Students will miss 1 day of school (Friday) for each event if they attend a district competition (school related excused absence). Team members will need cash to purchase concessions or souvenirs each day. Meals may be provided depending on the year. This information will be given during the parent meeting regarding travel. They may be required to pay for lodging depending upon the location of the event.

The top teams (# varies) that qualify, after District competitions, go to the Michigan State Championship, typically the second week of April. Students will miss 2 days of school (Thursday and Friday) if they attend the Michigan State Championships (school related excused absence). Team members typically are required to pay for lodging and meal expenses. However, we attempt to stay in hotels with a free breakfast and we have historically provided team lunches for two of the three days at the state competition.

The top teams (# varies) from the state of Michigan, based on ranking points from the competition season, qualify for the FRC World Championship in late April. Students will miss 3 days of school (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) if they attend the World Championships (school related excused absence). Team members will be required to pay for lodging and meal expenses. There are also tourist opportunities with minimal charges. Charter bus fees may also apply.

Team attendance at the Michigan State Championship and the World Championship events are generally decided if funding is available and if the team elects to participate.

No student will be excluded due to financial hardship. Please contact the teacher sponsor to make arrangements for your student.

TEAM 2137 Graciously Thanks Our Sponsors!