Our Mission

We build futures by expanding our skills as individuals and a team to empower ourselves and others to transform the world.

Our Philosophy

To engage members through maximum student involvement.
  • - The majority of team decisions are made by the students
  • - Team 2137 seeks all members’ input regardless of experience to allow the team to develop a well-rounded learning environment
  • - Robot strategy, design, and build along with volunteer involvement and team projects are predominantly student driven
To provide mentorship that guides and teaches through an "eyes in, hands out approach".
  • - Adult mentors select student captains, from a pool of interested applicants, to l lead various student groups within the team organizational chart
  • - Mentors and student captains ensure adherence to timelines, engineering processes and facilitate group meetings
  • - The student captains, in turn, are responsible to mentor assistant captains (other students) to then take on the responsibility of captain upon graduation of the current leader
The team is driven to ensure that members gain long term benefits from their experiences ranging from technical to soft skills.
  • - Team 2137 offers a variety of training “classes” for enrichment and improve on each student’s skill set
  • - By encouraging a “eyes in, hands out” approach from the mentors, it allows for students to obtain hands on experience
  • - Team 2137’s goal is to produce innovators and problem solvers that can be applied to careers after graduating high school
Students are also given exposure to the communication skills required to secure scholarships, attain sponsorships, and spread the message of FIRST®
  • - Members receive guidance with resumes, scholarship applications, interviewing skills and public speaking
  • - Students learn valuable promotional skills through PowerPoint presentations, creating Team2137 brochures, and producing instructional videos
  • - Students develop written, media and oral presentation skills to promote Gracious Professionalism®
Team 2137 is not only is robot driven, but, places extreme value on community involvement and improvement – without monetary incentives.
  • - Interaction with younger students, sponsors, charities and businesses build relationships and help bring the community together. This concept instills the importance of “giving back.”
  • - TORC mentors students in grades K-8 by offering robot demonstrations, workshops, engineering classes, and overall mentorship during meetings
  • - Another way TORC engages with the community is through volunteer service
  • - Foster growth of other FLL and FTC teams
  • - Assist in the formation and growth of other FRC rookie and veteran teams
TEAM 2137 Graciously Thanks Our Sponsors!