The Team benefits when parents are involved. Parents are encouraged to commit to help in at least 3 ways.

“101 Examples of How Parents Could Help a FIRST® Team” By NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization)

1. Organize paperwork – make a folder for each team member with appropriate forms in it – school permission slips, medical insurance/emergency info, FIRST® release forms; make duplicate copies and take one set when traveling.

2. Make ID badges for team members

3. Organize tailgating party for local regional events

4. Organize a team social event like a bowling night after the build season ends

5. Plan an end-of-year team banquet

6. Organize a dinner and offer to host a visiting team who is at your local regional

7. Publish a team newsletter

8. Mentor a committee – Finance, PR, Community Outreach, Website, CAD, Animation, Spirit, etc. You do not need to have a background in that area; just be able to keep committee focused and meet deadlines.

9. Mentor a Hospitality Committee – Celebrate birthdays, send get well cards and sympathy cards-, pack a box of health and beauty aids for team travel.

10. Maintain Game Manual and Updates

11. Provide at least one meal for the team during the build cycle.

12. Compile team “Wish List” for materials and services they would like to obtain

13. Staff a concession booth at a nearby sports complex as a fundraiser for the team

14. Solicit donations from small and large companies

15. Solicit in-kind donations. Know any companies that would donate food, safety goggles, and tools, paper plates, a paint job for the robot, t-shirts, computers?

16. Write a grant proposal

17. Help with travel arrangements (bus, plane, food, activities)

18. Organize a telephone tree and e-mail list

19. Design and print team Thank You cards

20. Create team stationery

21. Write and mail thank you notes

22. Coordinate community service projects

23. Organize robot demonstrations

24. Chaperone

25. Take photos/videos for publicity and for the scrapbook

26. Set up the cheering section at the regional competitions

27. Help with team spirit items such as signs

28. Make business cards for the team

29. Help with building the practice field

30. Help with the engineering, design, build of the robot

31. Help build a cart for the robot

32. Extend invitations to our VIPs to attend your competitions

33. Organize an Open House for interested students and school administrators

34. Organize an Open House for local politicians

35. Organize an Open House for potential sponsors

36. Organize an Open House for potential engineers and other would-be mentors

37. Produce a PowerPoint presentation or video about FIRST® and the team

38. Organize a fundraiser

39. Carpool students

40. Help design team buttons (giveaways)

41. Help design team shirts

42. Make breakfast for the team for early Saturday mornings during build season

43. Create team jewelry

44. Organize a toolbox

45. Make luggage pom-poms in team colors for easy ID of luggage at airport

46. Type travel itinerary including details about airport security, hotel info, meal options, drop off and pick up times and distribute to all team members and parents/guardians.

47. Create and laminate emergency card for team members who are traveling as well as for parents staying home – include contacts’ cell phone numbers hotel name, address and phone number

48. Create a hotel rooming list with a copy for each chaperone – upon arrival at hotel, write room number next to each group, chaperone name, and distribute copies.

49. Work with team safety captain to create presentation for team on safety; purchase safety glasses, earplugs, first aid kits, breakaway lanyards, etc.

50. Organize team building weekend early in season

51. Facilitate team building exercises at each meeting until build season begins

52. Help recruit new team members

53. Staff table at orientation meeting and explain program to parents

54. Procure venue for team to view broadcast of kickoff

55. Obtain/sew team mascot costume

56. Watch for post-Halloween sales on face paints hair dyes, etc. in team colors

57. Recruit dance instructor to teach team choreography

58. Teach team “YMCA” song and movements

59. Bake cookies. Cookies are always appreciated

60. Help team create logo

61. Enter team data into TIMS system

62. Volunteer for a FIRST® event

63. Create team budget; help with finances

64. Help team create Handbook

65. Assist with post-season self assessment interview process

66. Be a mediator if an argument occurs between team members

67. Help team create awards they can give to other teams

68. Help team create Mission Statement

69. Organize a team Thank Your Mentor event

70. Organize a “Welcome Home!” group to meet team at airport

71. Make funny “awards” to honor graduating seniors at end of year

72. Take candid photos of team in fall and create team calendar as holiday gifts for team members

73. Make posters to hang in school advertising upcoming competitions

74. Volunteer to chaperone a team “lock-down” over-nighter

75. Write team quiz and give it to the team prior to competition

76. Help scout other teams

77. Help mentor rookie teams

78. Network with other teams

79. Make presentation at area schools that do not yet have a team

80. Research activities the team can participate in at the end of the day while on trips ie. museums, shopping, sports or theater events, or getting together with other teams.

81. Set up simulated pit area so you know what fits where, before you go to a regional competition

82. Arrange with school to present awards to team members at their end-of-year awards ceremony

83. Create awards to hand out at the ceremony

84. Buy wholesale size box of team’s favorite candy and bring to competitions!

85. Take minutes of team meetings or mentor team secretary

86. Donate supplies

87. Organize team tag sale in spring as fundraiser

88. Act as liaison with school system

89. Act as liaison with sponsor

90. Paint faces at competitions with team logo, colors, etc.

91. If team ethnicity is diverse, organize dinners featuring different ethnic foods to build understanding of cultures

92. Host VIPs who attend your competitions and explain game, impact of FIRST® on your team, etc.

93. Create attractive pit area

94. Create team presentation book

95. Create robot pit sheet that can be handed out to judges and other teams

96. Host Ship Date party to celebrate crating the robot

97. Create or organize team Archive

98. Take team photo and frame copies for each team members as a memento of a wonderful year!

99. Volunteer at one of the Michigan district events to meet the team volunteer requirement.

100. Organize shelves and cabinets.

101. Most importantly, share your talent, skill, or passion in any way that could inspire a student.

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