The parents/guardians of the students are an important part of the success of the team and are considered to be team members. Whether they are build mentors, part of a support group, or spectators at competitions, they fill a vital role. There are a number of responsibilities that each parent has, as a part of their child being on the team.

- Parents/guardians are responsible for attending all parent meetings. These are normally held at the beginning of the school year in order to provide information about the team. Additional meetings may be called at other times during the year.

- Parents/guardians are responsible for coordinating transportation to make sure that students are on time for meetings, build times, and events. If you are providing carpool rides for students or mentors, please be on time (pick up and drop off) so that the events can operate smoothly. 

- Parents/guardians are responsible for signing and returning permission slips, waiver forms, and other legal documents on a timely basis for their students under the age of eighteen.

- Parents/guardians are responsible for providing the team coordinator with accurate medical information for their student – including allergy information.

- Parents/guardians are responsible for providing telephone numbers where they can be reached in case of an emergency.

- Parents/guardians are responsible for providing a general contact phone number and a dependable e-mail address for the team to provide them with information about upcoming events and team opportunities. E-mail is the primary and often the only method of contacting members of the team. Parents/guardians need to check their e-mail often and communicate any correspondence with their families. Additionally, signing up for Remind 101, will allow you to be notified of any last minute information.

- Parents/guardians are responsible for the conduct of their child until the age of eighteen. If there is a violation of the student code of conduct by their child that results in a liability, parents will be held liable. If there is a violation of the code while on an out-of-town trip, parents will be responsible for providing transportation, at their cost, to return the student home.

- Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend all events and provide support for the team. These events may be competitions, team gatherings, or public events.

- Parents/guardians are encouraged to keep up-to-date with what their child is working on with the team and the progress that the team has made. Parents should stop in at the build site and High School Robotics Room from time to time to see how things are going.

- Parents/guardians are encouraged to become team mentors. Becoming a mentor adds additional responsibilities; however, it is a very rewarding experience.

- Parents should allow students to keep their commitment to the team. Participation should not be used as a reward or punishment because it affects other members of the team.

- Parents/guardians are responsible to make sure that the teacher sponsor or team coordinator is notified when the student will be absent from a team event where they are expected.

- Parents are encouraged to read the TORC Team Handbook and OHS Extra-Curricular Activities Code of Conduct (Competitive Activities portion) thoroughly with their student before signing consent forms online.

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