Role of Teacher Advisor

Mr. Kimmel is the TORC Teacher Advisor whose responsibilities include but are not limited to:

- Student recruitment

- Liaison between TORC and High School administration

- Liaison between TORC and school district

- Informing school administration of team members’ absences due to competition

- To establish links with high school classes

- Liaison for proper execution of banking

- Ensuring the district code of conduct is followed by all team members

- Recognizing team members at school events

Mentor Board


- Work together to ensure all ideas are considered, evaluated, and jointly decided upon and supported

- Allocate finances and approve major purchases

- Interview and select Student Captains

- Appoint Lead Mentors and mentor board members

- Ensure a mentor board make-up that includes familiarity of TORC history and processes

- Set Team Direction

- Mediate conflict/discipline

Board Seats

- The Mentor Board is made up of seven (7) representatives from Communications & Logistics and Robot Design & Build to ensure that all team interests are considered

- Because FIRST® is about more than just robots, the board only seats three robot lead mentors (Fabrication, Mechanical (CAD), and Programming/Electrical)

- The remaining seats are filled by any of the following: teams main contact (logistics), the teacher sponsor (drive team), the team treasurer (sponsorship), and/or team media (communications)

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