IRON GROUP - Skills Competition Winner, Quality Award

Our robust robot had an accurate shooter that ranked us amongst the best in the world, placing  27th overall out of 1412 teams that competed globally in the skills challenges.

The pandemic affected many aspects of the team, but we still found creative ways to learn and practice new skills. This included proto-typing our first ever swerve drive chassis in the fall by passing the project between houses to complete the stages of fabrication, assembly, electrical and programming. During build season refined and rebuilt it for our 2021 robot. 

Meet out 2021 robot, Bench!

This season we were lucky enough to be able to meet in person. With one third of our team being new students and a strong thirst for learning we decided to redesign the robot from the ground up. This included redoing the entire decision matrix and strictly following the design process. This season the team identified the exact challenge, defined the requirements, developed a design, optimized the robot, and verified the functionality. 

Check out our 2021 game design, Time Machine Mayhem!

Welcome to Time Machine Mayhem, the shield generator from Infinite recharge is drained of all energy by a malware virus. The only way to save FIRST city is traveling back in time and gathering resources to recharge the shield generator. Before Infinite Recharge a new invention was created...THE TIME MACHINE!! People didn’t pay attention because people were distracted by the asteroids hurtling toward earth. Little did they know, this invention will save the FIRST city.

Checkout How we have done in our 15 years as a team: