About Team 2137

The FIRST program has been an inspiration to the students of Oxford High School. This program has not only provided scholarships and college opportunities to students but has also given them the hope and skills needed to achieve successful engineering and other careers. FIRST and TEAM 2137 allows students to learn in a “close to real world working environment” that has given students true to life experiences, whether in engineering or business activities. It has also provided an opportunity for students to improve their public speaking, writing, and business skills. Another impact FIRST has had on students is that it allows them to grow together as leaders and to build lasting friendships (global and local). 

TEAM 2137 is based out of Oxford High School in Oxford, Michigan. We were founded in 2007 by Elizabeth Nowakowski and the administration of Oxford High School. Its goal was to provide students with a real world engineering experience. TEAM 2137 has done this and more. The club's influence has improved Oxford High School's engineering program, added robotics classes to the curriculum and made college credit available from two universities for engineering courses taken at the high school. FIRST and TEAM 2137 have worked together to provide scholarships and countless experiences to students and has given many the hopes and skills they need to achieve careers in engineering, science and technology. Team 2137 understands the importance of operating as a business and realizes that relationships are the key to achieving and funding our mission.  As we invest in others, they invest in students, producing the innovators and leaders of the future.

This season our team has grown to 40 students with 18 of them participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition(FRC) for the first time this year. Even though almost half the team is new to FRC this season, almost 60% of the team has prior experience from the preceding program, FIRST Tech Challenge.

Along with student growth, our team has also achieved increased mentor participation and has gwo to 28 mentors this year with 25% of them coming from High Tech/Automotive fields. As the team strives to be student run, the strength of the mentor team helps facilitate more direct mentoring of the skills they need to be successful.

Outreach activities are an important part of the team’s mission to not only better themselves but also to have an impact on local/global communities outside the team. To do this the team works to have a consistent balance in the number and quality of outreach events that include the support of as much of the team as possible.

The impact for the students on the team is a huge measure of success. To date, all of the members of the team have gone on to college with most also majoring in STEM related fields. Many credit their field choice to the experience and exposure gained through being on the team.